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Announcement: BabyRoues Products Are Sold and Promoted Exclusively by Ezybaby in China Under a New Brand Name “BabyRoo”


BabyRoues’ high quality products, parents & babies – oriented features, and fashion designs have caught the attentions of counterfeiters worldwide. As we continue to grow successfully and expand our business globally, we have detected that our Babyroues trademark had been imitated and registered in China recently. This hurts both our business and customers. Considering our long-term business development in China, more importantly, in order to prevent our customers from being confused and fooled, we have decided to promote and sell our products in China market under a new brand name “BabyRoo”, and also have designated Shanghai Yibei Industrial Co., Ltd (known as Ezybaby China) as BabyRoo’s general and exclusive distributor for the distribution, sale, and promotion of our products in China region. We stipulate that:


1) The only online platform where our products are sold to China region as “Babyroues” is through Amazon China’s oversea channel. We do not sell our products under “Babyroues” brand to China through other channels;


2) Except for, all our products are distributed and sold in China under the new brand name “BabyRoo”. Shanghai Yibei Industrial Co., Ltd (known as Ezybaby China with official website are appointed and authorized as the general and exclusive distributor of BabyRoo products in China region;


3) To ensure that Chinese consumers purchase genuine products, we strongly recommend you to only purchase BabyRoo products at  or other authorized retailers developed by Ezybaby. A list of Ezybaby’s authorized retailers in China can be found on;


4) BabyRoo products distributed by Ezybaby are genuine. The quality, features, designs, and warranty are the same as Babyroues sold in the USA.


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our customer service center should you have any questions or concerns. Fighting against counterfeiting and fake products is our continued focus in order to protect our business, our partners, and our customers.

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