• Brake & Wheel Installation

    Insert rear axle into stroller frame until you hear the snap. Make sure that the brace is facing the rear.

    Insert large rear wheels into pins of axle. Make sure you hear the “click” making sure wheel is properly attached.

    Insert front swivel wheels into front housing.

  • Opening & Closing


    Release locking mechanism “s”.

    Lift handle upwards until you hear locking pins engaging.


    Press in safety release button on right side of release button A (figure B). Lift up release buttons (A) on both sides of the handle.

    Push downward on handle until the stroller frame folds. Stroller lock will engage automatically. Please make sure front wheels are perpendicular to stroller, which will allow for easier fold.

  • How To Put Back Stroller Seat

    Put the frame in position.

    Place seat cover in frame.

    Lock each belt of the seat cover into the pins on the side of the frame.

  • How To Install The Seat And Bumper

    Insert lock of fastener belt under the seat into proper place, and tighten belt.

    Alight the pins of the safety bar with corresponding holes in the stroller frame and insert them into position.

    Insert stroller seat onto pins (I) on the stroller frame. Give a slight push down on stroller seat until it engages with the pin.

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