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Read these instructions carefully before use and keep them for future reference. Your child’s safety may be at risk if you do not follow these warnings and/or instructions:


Make sure the stroller is fully unfolded and locked before placing your child in it. Never lift the stroller or use escalators or stairs when child is sitting on the stroller. Use original accessories and manufacturer approved parts only. Do not make any changes to this product. To avoid risk of suffocation, keep all plastic packaging and materials well out of the reach of children.


Always make sure that the seat unit adaptors are all installed correctly and are securely locked before use.


Regularly check that the safety harness is correctly fitted and that the webbing has not become frayed or damage. If the harness is damaged, we recommend that a new one be purchased.


Ensure that the harness is correctly adjusted, providing a snug fit around your child. Adjustments can be made using the buckles on the shoulder, waist and crotch straps. Please refer to the seat belt/shoulder harness operations section in these instructions.


Always ensure that the brakes are correctly engaged whenever the stroller is left for any reason.


Care should be taken when using the rain cover. Regularly check that your baby is comfortable and not overheating.


There are mesh ventilation panels on the sides of the rain cover. These are essential to aid the flow of cool air around the baby. Unless it is raining or very cold, the rain cover should be removed or the top section opened.


Always ensure that your child is clear of moving parts before you adjust the position of the backrest, footrest or canopy.


Always maneuver your stroller up and down curbs and steps gently.


IMPORTANT: Be aware of hazards when maneuvering or carrying the stroller up or down stairs. Ensure that the child is removed from the pushchair when carrying them through stairs.


Never allow additional children to ride on the stroller at any time.


Never overload your stroller with additional goods. (The basket has a  10lb carry limit)

Never force your stroller. Adjustments and locks should be free and easy to operate.


The stroller is intended for children with a maximum weight of 39.5lbs. With a maximum carry-load for the basket is 10lbs.




This seat unit is not suitable for children under 6 months.


Use the baby stroller for one child at a time and make sure it is fully unfolded and locked before use.


Ensure that all the locking devices are engaged and functional before use.


Always use the crotch strap in combination with the waist belt.


Remember to use parking brake when you stop, even when you stop  to stand still only for a few seconds.


Please keep your child away from all the moving parts when folding, unfolding, or simply adjusting the pushchair.


To avoid risk of suffocation, keep all the plastic packaging and materials out of the reach of children.


This product is not suitable for running or skating.


Only use original accessories and manufacturer approved parts only. The use of non-approved replacement parts or accessories may damage or make this product unsafe.


It may be dangerous to leave your child unattended for any length of time.


Do not add a mattress thicker than 10mm.


Use a harness as soon as your child can sit unaided.


Any load attached to the handle effects the stability of the pushchair.


Check that the pram body or seat unit attachment devices are correctly engaged before use.


This baby stroller has been approved in accordance with EN1888:2003+A1+A2+A3:2005


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